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A Revolutionary Hip Replacement Make a Full Return to the Active Life You Love

Get ready for a cutting edge hip replacement that works as hard as you do. Our artificial joints are engineered to meet our patients where they are – and keep them active for years to come. With a Nano total hip replacement, you can expect:

  • A fast recovery: on your feet within 30 minutes and back at home within 2 hours
  • A full and pain-free return to the sports and activities you love most
  • A durable, long-lasting artificial joint

Nano Clinic is the premier destination for total joint surgery for two reasons: Our approach is next level – and our results are unprecedented.

No activity restrictions. No limits. Make a full return to everything with Nano.

A Game-changing Hip Replacement For Active Patients Who Crave the Best

At Nano, we restore our patients’ aging and injured hips so they function like they used to. With an exclusive focus on outpatient joint surgery, expect to move your new hip right away and return home the same day for a rapid recovery.

We Restore Strong + Stable Hips

A hip implant that fits improperly results in a hip joint that feels unnatural and doesn’t move freely. At Nano, we focus on restoring the surface of your bone so it feels like it used to – before arthritis limited your mobility.

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When Do We Recommend Hip Replacement?

A total hip replacement is typically seen as the final step for patients who have chronic joint pain. We recommend it after regenerative therapy and other non-invasive approaches have failed or stopped working.

In general, this procedure is ideal for patients who:

  • Struggle with hip pain that limits everyday activities – like bending or walking
  • Have hip pain that persists while they are resting
  • Experience hip stiffness that prevents them from accessing their full range of motion
  • Cannot obtain relief from physical therapy, pain medications, and other supports

What to Expect 

The Nano hip replacement is performed as an outpatient surgery, so you’ll be free to return home right away. The surgery is done under twilight anesthesia, and you’ll be able to walk around and move your new joint as soon as the operation is complete. You can look forward to a new hip that feels youthful and moves freely – without the pain and prolonged rehabilitation period that’s typically required of joint surgery.

After Surgery

After hip replacement, you can expect to feel an improvement every single day. The recovery is rapid, the outcomes are better – and our patients enjoy a quick return to work and their normal exercise routines – with no restrictions.

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Biking. Running. Sports. What to Expect As You Return to Fitness After Your Hip Replacement

Expect to return to everything. At Nano, there are no limits to what you can do after joint surgery. If you were active despite your joint pain before surgery – expect to return to that same level of performance once you’ve healed. 

During your consultation at one of our office locations (Los Angeles, Arroyo Grande, and San Luis Obispo), we will discuss the healing process and provide a timeline for when you can expect to return to your favorite sports and activities.

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How long will my new hip last?

Am I a candidate for Nano Hip?

How long will my new hip last?

We leverage state-of-the-art materials to ensure that Nano hips will last the rest of your life.

Am I a candidate for Nano Hip?

The Nano Hip features cutting-edge technology that was originally designed for younger patients. Today, it’s for active people of all ages who want the best: a fast recovery and a high level of function post-surgery. If another surgeon has recommended a hip replacement – but you’re uninterested in the activity restrictions and lengthy recovery period – you’re a candidate for Nano.

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To learn more about Nano Total Hip Replacement in Los Angeles – and begin planning for your procedure – please contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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