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The Nano Difference Get Back to the Active Life You Love – Pain-free

Our total knee replacement is next level. It delivers a brand new knee that can keep up with you – not one that holds you back. The vast majority of our patients:

  • Are walking within 30 minutes of surgery
  • Return home within two hours of surgery
  • Recover quicker and with fewer complications
  • And get back in the game faster than ever before

Traditional knee replacement techniques have lengthy recovery periods and activity limitations that can prevent you from returning to the sports you love. At Nano, we do things differently. We spare healthy muscles, minimize opioid use, and make sure your custom implant fits perfectly and is ready for action – on your terms.

Modern Joint Surgery for Active Patients Faster Recovery. Better Outcomes.

Replacement joints have improved dramatically in recent times. Whereas they once could be expected to last about ten years, today's artificial joints like the Oxidized Zirconium Ceramic Surface can last twice as long. And, new knee resurfacing procedures preserve the cruciate ligaments and conserve almost half the bone.

Surgical techniques have also improved due to the pioneering efforts of orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Ferro. Not only does he perform hundreds of joint replacements each year, he also uses 3D modeling to give his patients the most precise fit possible. With new, smooth-functioning knees fitting exactly where they belong, Dr. Ferro's patients tend to recover quickly and enjoy more pain-free activities than they thought possible.

Are You a Candidate?

When knee damage is severe; limits your ability to move comfortably; and is not responsive to non-surgical therapies, a total knee replacement may be the only way to resume a full and active life.

Our surgeons have performed successful total knee replacements for patients of all ages and activity levels.

We can confirm your candidacy during a consultation at one of our clinics in Los Angeles, Arroyo Grande, Bakersfield or San Luis Obispo, following an evaluation that consists of your medical history, physical exam, motion tests, and joint evaluation.

How to Prepare for Total Knee Replacement

Prior to your total knee replacement, we will help you prepare for surgery. We’ll discuss the home health tools you may need as you recover, such as a walking aid and a bath bench. We will also familiarize you with exercises that will help you regain mobility after surgery. You will need to arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home and stay with you for several days after your procedure, or consult our staff about alternative care options.

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What to Expect During Surgery

The surgery itself will be performed in the hospital, under spinal, epidural, or general anesthesia. It will take one to two hours to complete, and you'll spend an additional hour or two in recovery. 

With inpatient total knee replacement, most patients stay in the hospital for about three days. If you qualify for outpatient surgery, you’ll return home the same day to begin the healing process.


You can expect to experience some pain following surgery, which will be controlled with special medication for several days. After no more than two to three weeks, you should be able to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for any residual discomfort. Physical rehabilitation will begin the day after surgery and continue for a few weeks. You can most likely resume driving, light activities, and sedentary work in four to six weeks. Most people can return to sports and more rigorous activities in three or four months.

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To learn more about total knee replacement – and discover if it’s an appropriate surgery for you – please contact Nano Clinic today and schedule a consultation.

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